Organizational culture

In the coming years, a company’s organizational culture will be decisive for keeping its competitive edge. New generations of employees expect their jobs to provide satisfaction, a sense of purpose and the chance to develop

Employers have to strive to ensure not only positive employee experiences, but also employee satisfaction. A happy employee is able to make the customer happy. In light of this observation, the Happinness Index represents a very business-crucial indicator. It translates directly into employee effectiveness, and therefore into concrete company income. 

A favourable organizational culture also entails a higher rate of staff retention and shorter new employee recruitment times. Information about the current working conditions at a company spreads through the market very quickly, attracting or discouraging new candidates. 

How to cultivate a better organizational culture? 

  1. the existing organizational culture should be analysed.
  2. a strategic analysis should be carried out, to answer the following questions: How does today’s organizational culture support the pursuit of the company’s strategy? What are its strong sides? What dangers does it entail? Is the current culture truly focused on the strategy? 
  3. consideration should be given to how the proper type of organizational culture can be cultivated. 

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