HR Technologies

Computerization and innovative, technologically advanced HR tools are crucial for maintaining your company’s competitive edge, by: 

  • relieving HR personnel from having to do many monotonous tasks, freeing up more time for quality contact with employees and candidates,
  • providing complete knowledge about employees’ potential, verifying it with respect to expectations and intuitions,
  • giving employment guarantees to candidates who fit the organizational culture, values, team and demands of the position,
  • enabling more well-targeted training and development plans to be developed,
  • anticipating certain trends, such as sinking motivation and the risk of leaving, the company, and recommending appropriate solutions. 
Challenges in talent management

Candidates with the right qualifications

77% of CEOs see a problem finding such people

Talent management reports

78% of CEOs do not trust such reports and do not utilize them

The costs of hiring the wrong candidate

may reach as high as 5 times the annual salary for the position

Departures from the organization

80% stem from a poor hiring decision


change jobs every 2.5 years on average

Discover modern HR technologies: 

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