Project management, or effective implementation of change

Do you know that the ROI on implemented changes may be even as high as 28% percent? 

Such results are achieved by companies that have applied effective management of their project portfolio.* An organization based on effective project management not only gains an edge over the competition, it also achieves successes in the world of dynamic change. 

*Aberdeen Research

Project-oriented organization

Build a modern, project-oriented organization in each of these fields 

  • People and competences – project implementation should be perceived by employees as a real opportunity for development (e.g. project leaders have a defined career path) 
  • Working rules – pragmatic principles for project implementation have to be comprehensible and friendly to employees 
  • IT tools – computer systems should simplify the implementation of projects, facilitate communications and allow for accurate monitoring of progress (budget, time, scope, quality) and management reporting 
  • Motivation – project teams and their leaders have to know that the success of a project will translate into real benefits for them and the organization 
  • Project Management Office (PMO) – a dedicated unit should support project implementation, and also oversee and work to perfect the project-oriented organization 
  • Continual improvement – conclusions must be gathered and learned from completed projects, and the sharing of project knowledge must become a standing practice

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