Corporate law

Corporate advisory comprises full legal support related to business activities in Poland

Pursuing a long-term business strategy, taking into account current legal aspects, is the basis for the effective operation of modern enterprises

The market environment and legal regime undergo dynamic changes. At each stage of business operations, the support of a legal advisor who has the appropriate knowledge, experience and business approach to clients and their needs, is very important.

Corporate law


Areas of activities:

Establishing companies and other business entities

  • Selecting the legal form.
  • Establishing new legal entities (partnerships, companies, branches and representative offices of foreign entities, foundations, associations, etc.), and EU companies.
  • Preparing the necessary corporate documentation connected with the establishment of a partnership, company or another business entity, and reporting the new entity to the court of registration.
  • Purchasing shelf companies (sp. z o.o. – limited liability companies).

Supporting the current activities of business entities

  • Drawing up internal corporate regulations, including rules and regulations for corporate bodies (management boards, supervisory boards, general shareholders’ meetings), and providing opinions thereon.
  • Current corporate services at all stages of operations (e.g. amendments to the memorandums of association / articles of association of companies and other entities, distribution of dividends, redemption of shares, establishing pledges and registered pledges on company shares).
  • Establishing legal security for parties to trade agreements.
  • Corporate audits.
  • Preparing interpretations of legal issues which arise during business activities.
  • Implementing changes in companies as a result of new legal provisions.
  • Preparing documentation related to personal changes in corporate bodies.
  • Implementing and registering capital changes.


  • Legal services in respect of GSMs as well as meetings of other corporate bodies.
  • Preparing resolutions and presenting comments thereon.
  • Representing shareholders during GSMs.
  • Legal issues related to the liability of members of corporate bodies and methods of mitigating such liability.
  • Preparing draft agreements and understandings among shareholders, and draft agreements and understandings between shareholders and the company.

Company liquidation

  • Selecting an optimum method of terminating the operations of companies and other business entities.
  • Preparing documentation and the process of liquidating companies and other business entities.
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