Mergers and acquisitions legal services

Merger and acquisition transactions are multi-stage, sophisticated projects which require comprehensive support of professional legal advisors 

The role of a legal advisor is to ensure the legal safety of transactions by analysing the legal situation of the target entity and preparing the necessary transaction documentation. It requires an appropriate level of legal knowledge, experience, and understanding of the clients business needs. 

How we can help your company

We will carry out a due diligence review of the target entity

  • We will identify the legal risks connected with the transaction
  • We will determine which corporate consents / third-party consents are necessary to carry out the transaction
  • We will recommend the actions that are necessary to effectively carry out and close the transaction 
  • We can extend the due diligence exercise, if needed, to include tax, financial and business aspects by involving other business lines in the PwC global network 

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We will propose an optimum solution for the planned transaction structure

  • We will propose favourable transaction scenarios, taking into consideration the legal aspects and specific features of the industry and the target entity’s scope of business
  • We can extend the due diligence, if needed, to include tax, financial and business aspects by involving other business lines in the PwC global network.

We will prepare comprehensive documentation of the transaction

  • We will prepare initial transaction documents – letters of intent, term sheets, confidentiality agreements, etc.
  • We will prepare a complete set of documents connected with the transaction, including share sale agreements or enterprise/asset sale agreements, investment agreements, shareholders agreements.
  • We shall prepare draft requests and notifications to be submitted to regulatory authorities in order to carry out the transaction (UOKiK, European Commission, Agricultural Property Agency (Agencja Nieruchomości Rolnych), etc.)

We shall ensure support in negotiations and at the close of the transaction

  • A team of experienced transaction lawyers will support you in negotiations
  • We will ensure support in contacts with employee organizations, including trade unions
  • We shall prepare draft notices and ensure support in contacts with counterparties of the target entity in connection with the planned transaction
  • We shall help you effectively close the transaction and ensure support in post-transaction activities
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