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Our advisory services are designed to support private entrepreneurs and investors operating in Poland and cross-border

We serve a wide variety of private clients ranging from Poland’s Top 100 Wealthiest People to those who are only considering setting up a business.

We are dedicated to working with our Clients on a long-term basis: from a business idea through business development and passing on to the next generation right to support at the time of exit and moving on to reinvent themselves.

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We assist our private Clients in the following areas:


  • Legal Trustee
    As a trusted legal advisor we offer an unbiased approach, statutory legal professional privilege, business expertise of a family business trustee who can provide advice in key and strategic decision-making in the style of a German Beirat, an Advisory Board with a long history of serving the best family-owned businesses in Germany.
  • Wealth Issues in a Marriage
    We help draft prenuptial agreements or settlement agreements with spouses and children, handle the division of matrimonial property and future-proof private assets for tomorrow; we investigate who, under what laws and in what country will assess the matters of probate, guardianship and marriage. 
  • Bringing Children into Business
    We assist in assessing business skills in children and in identifying their preferred career path within the business; we provide coaching, mentoring and shadowing for children as well as internship opportunities within the global PwC Network or at other family businesses or domestic or international companies or institutions.
  • Reputation Protection
    We help protect the reputation of your Clients and their businesses against infringement of their personal interests or breach of non-disclosure agreements or defamation, in particular on social media; we work with PR agencies and media houses who provide the relevant support to Clients.
  • Family Business Leader Coaching and Mentoring
    We provide the support of experienced leaders with a track record as PwC partners who can assist business owners and key managers as their business coaches or mentors.
  • Relocation from/to PL
    We help assess the effort required to move the habitual residence or centre of vital interests, or the legal and tax implications of such a decision for an individual,their family and business.
  • Immigration Issues
    We provide assistance with immigration formalities such as Poland visa applications, residence permit or work permit for business owners, investors and key managers.


  • Acquisitions and Disposals
    We are well aware that a business does not exist in a vacuum and work in coordination with Poland’s largest team of transactional advisors within PwC Deals to provide an extensive support to family businesses in M&A deals before, during and after an acquisition or exit.
  • Family Business Reorganisations
    We help adapt family business structures to meet current business and family needs and we know how to swiftly and efficiently redefine the setup to best deliver the strategic goals for the owner.
  • Legal and Tax Security
    We are experts in providing legal comfort and security, spanning from corporate support for family businesses to white collar protection for owners, private investors and key managers of family businesses; close coordination between PwC’s Legal and Tax teams ensures that both aspects are expertly combined so that legal security can be aligned with tax security not only for family businesses alone but also and above all for their owners or investors.
  • Leaving a Family Business
    We navigate family businesses through the complex process of a member leaving the business, especially if such a member is a co-founder but wishes to redefine their business engagement. 
  • Professionalisation of Family Businesses
    We help identify areas for efficiencies and assist in finding managers for family businesses with experience in private equity to provide direction for professionalising the business and improving effectiveness.
  • Creativity / Technologies / Upgrading
    We understand how crucial it is to let fresh perspective foster your business; in coordination with our PwC Startup Collider and our Innovation Team, we provide private businesses and investors with access to the industry’s best start-ups that we have helped grow from inception to maturity.
  • Dispute Resolution 
    We assist our Clients in dispute resolution at their family companies, in relation to both succession and member, investor or business partner or contractor relations.

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  • Succession Planning
    We understand just how big the challenge is for business owners and thus we help get prepared for the process in the long term; we share the experiences of other wealthy families across Europe with our Clients and help them wisely plan and go through the succession process and we support the senior generation in their business activity following the succession.
  • Family Foundations in Poland and Abroad
    We assist in choosing the right entity for achieving the family objectives and we provide support in creating, operating and dissolving foreign family foundations; we have been working on a Poland-based family foundation concept and we have developed the relevant legal and tax input for the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology

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  • Balancing Business and Passion
    We know how business can drive passions and how passions can promote business, e.g. how to invest in art or promote a business through motorsports, aviation or equestrian sports.
  • Charity
    We support our private Clients’ desire to give back to the community by helping them create, manage and fund charitable foundations and other philanthropic efforts; we help align such initiatives with the corporate and CSR strategy; we work with PR agencies and media houses that provide the relevant support to Clients’ businesses.

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Jacek Pawłowski

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Wojciech Trzciński

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Filip Brach

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