Tax reporting & strategy, accounting, payroll

We combine modern technology, efficient prcesses and in-depth experience

This gives you the certainty, that your business issues are managed in a complex manner. We offer bookkeeping services, tax reporting, payroll and HR management assistance. 

Working with us:

  • reduces your labour burden and personal costs associated with managing accounting, taxes and payroll
  • minimises the risk of changing law generating errors
  • offers the possibility to identify and utilise potential tax savings
  • provides you with professional assitance aimed at a long-term cooperation
  • aids your business through adequate communication and information required to make rational decisions
  • offers a new outlook on your accounting, tax and payroll matters.
Tax reporting & strategy, accounting, payroll


How can we help?

Accounting services

Our services include comprehensive maintenance of the accounting records in accordance with Polish Accounting Law or International Financial Reporting Standards.

We prepare the chart of accounts, monthly and annual reports for group reporting purposes, reports to the tax authorities, Statistical Office and National Bank of Poland and services relating to the closing of the financial year (preparation of the annual financial statements).

From the first establishment of a legal entity or operating unit we can maintain your accounting records and satisfy your reporting for both corporate and statutory accounting purposes, in particular:

  • preparation of the chart of accounts and supporting information schedules;
  • preparation of data base in an accounting-financial system;
  • recording of documents received from you and your business partners;
  • reporting of financial data for management and group purposes, in accordance with your requirements;
  • preparation of statutory financial statements and assistance with the preparation of  Management Board report on the Company’s activity;
  • preparation of statements and reports for NBP (National Bank of Poland) and GUS (Central Statistical Office);
  • cooperation with statutory auditors;
  • other services, e.g. reconstruction of accounting records, preparation of accounting records on the basis of other sources, etc.

All services are performed after tailoring them to your individual needs and expectations. Our cooperation can include comprehensive general ledger accounting or only selective accounting processes, e.g. preparation of statements, maintaining of assets registers, review and preparation of specific financial management information, etc.

Combining accounting, tax and payroll compliance services is a very efficient and cost effective way for PwC to assist your business from inception and throughout the life of the Company’s operations.

Tax compliance services

Our services cover preparation of corporate income tax (CIT) and value added tax (VAT) calculations and relevant tax returns.

Within the scope of our services, we also offer preparation of intra-community transactions (EC listings) and Intrastat declarations and all other tax returns related to your business.

On your request, PwC specialists perform periodical CIT and VAT reviews. An integral element of our work is identification of tax planning opportunities with a view to potential tax savings.

Our CIT compliance services include comprehensive preparation of monthly calculations, annual return CIT-8 and in particular preparation of:

  • monthly and annual CIT calculations together with detailed information;
  • book-to-tax summary (specification of differences between gross financial and tax result);
  • annual return CIT-8 together with required attachments prepared on the basis of the annual CIT calculation;
  • other tax returns, as appropriate;
  • value of CIT due, that the Company is obliged to pay to the tax office’s bank account within the statutory payment due date.

VAT compliance services include preparation of periodic registers and returns, in particular:

  • preparation of VAT purchases and sales registers based on relevant documentation;
  • presentation of our standpoint regarding recognition of selective transactions, that impact value of VAT liability;
  • drawing up VAT returns based on VAT registers;
  • providing with information on VAT due;
  • drawing up VAT-EU returns – information on intra-community transactions and corrections of VAT-UE returns;
  • drawing up monthly Intrastat returns (as appropriate);
  • indication of potential VAT refund in VAT return and preparation of an application for VAT refund (as appropriate).

Tax reviews

In addition, we can review your tax settlements. This service is recommended to all companies willing to:

  • confirm the correctness of tax settlements prepared by external service providers,
  • optimize tax compliance by identifying potential tax savings and effective tax planning,
  • prepare for expected tax audit, i.e. tax review could be performed with the use of electronic tools and other devices similar to those used by the tax authorities.

TMAS team offers review of tax treatment applied by the Company to certain transactions, review of calculations and submitted tax returns, preparation of a report with summary of tax risks and potential optimizations together with our recommendations and ideas. Identified sensitive tax issues are discussed with the Company during the meeting summarizing our tax review. Our tax reviews frequently result in significant tax savings.

Payroll services

We provide comprehensive services regarding calculation of monthly salaries in compliance with the Labour Code, social insurance law and personal income tax regulations.

Our services include calculation of fixed and variable elements of wages, e.g. bonuses, remuneration for overtime hours, holidays and remuneration for sick-leave. Within the scope of our services we maintain filing of employees’ documentation in accordance with the Labour Code.

Additionally, we prepare social security, State Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON) and tax declarations. We can help and assist in the case of tax or social security audits.

The scope of our services also includes assistance in joiner and leaver processes and termination of employment contracts.

Apart from the traditional method of providing we can also render the service through on-line solutions to the extent agreed with the client.

Within the scope of PwC payroll services, in particular we offer the following services:

  • calculation of wages including benefits and deductions;
  • calculation of sickness and maternity benefits;
  • drawing up PIT (Personal income tax) and ZUS (Social Security Contribution) returns on behalf of the employer;
  • preparation of payroll documentation for the Company and its employees;
  • preparation of reports for financial and management accounting purposes;
  • assistance in transferring payments of wages and social security contributions;
  • preparation and filing the annual information about income / tax returns (PIT-11, PIT-4R, PIT-40);
  • preparation and maintenance of employees files;
  • recording and supervision of length of holidays leaves;
  • monitoring validity of medical examinations and BHP (industrial safety regulations) trainings;
  • preparation of certificates of employment;
  • preparation and settlement of payroll for employees hired under civil law agreements;
  • preparation of the information on revenues from other sources (PIT-8C).

We offer solutions tailored to your business, complexity of payroll elements and reporting requirements. We are fast and flexible on the one hand and protect and secure payroll data to maintain confidentiality on the other.

Secondments – qualified accountants for “hire”

We will support your Company in the case of the sudden departure of personnel, changes or shortage of qualified staff in the finance, accounting and the HR/payroll department.

For a particular period of time, we could second experienced PwC specialists, whose engagement will let you smoothly run business and safely fulfil financial and tax reporting obligations.

We could support your Company in the case of the sudden departure of personnel, changes or shortage of qualified staff in the finance, accounting and HR/payroll department. For a particular period of time, we could second experienced PwC specialists, whose engagement will let you smoothly run business and safely fulfil financial and tax reporting obligations. A strong team of TMAS specialists dedicated to accounting, payroll and tax compliance services enable us to create and dedicate a special project team suited to your needs.

Secondment of PwC specialists to your Company lets you achieve, among others, the following benefits:

  • fresh, independent look at your Company’s needs and processes;
  • specialized knowledge and support of PwC specialists in solving technical issues;
  • work time flexibility (we are ready to start our work, we end our engagement on your request);
  • in the case of sudden changes in your Company we are able to adjust our project team  on an on-going basis;
  • substantial costs savings and minimizing risk related to traditional employment approach (recruitment, administration and trainings costs, shortage of technical knowledge, extraordinary circumstance maternity and parental leave, medical care, etc.)

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