PwC Startup Collider

is a B2B quick scaleup program based in Central-Eastern Europe with HQ in Warsaw, Poland, that helps innovative entrepreneurs succeed


PwC Startup Collider – CEE Scale-Up Hub

As PwC Startup Collider, we are looking for entrepreneurs from all over the world with a market-ready solutions that wish to experience fast commercial growth and expand their business in the CEE region. Join the program to get the chance to cooperate with the PwC’s top market experts, win global recognition and access to resources and thousands of PwC’s clients from CEE and beyond. Scale up your business with PwC Startup Collider and become the next innovation success story.

We offer mentoring sessions, access to experts with international experience, participation in trade events, pitching sessions, all crowned with a special Demo Day presentation in front of international investors, PwC business partners and clients.

Do you think you have what it takes to cooperate and scale up within the global PwC Network?


  • Applications: October - December 20th
  • Start: March 2019
  • Demo Day: September 2019

Scale up criteria:

  • Validated B2B and B2B2C solutions
  • Market-ready solutions
  • Intent to scale up in CEE
Applications for PwC Startup Collider are Live!  Apply by December 20th.

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Your benefits from the program

Expert mentoring

Unlimited access to industry experts, mentors and business angels with experience in innovation advisory.

Unique methodology

Half-year-long scale-up program aimed at industry introductions and technology implementation.


Traditional, electronic, and social media coverage from PwC Startup Collider and PwC in CEE.

PwC network

Access to PwC’s senior decision-makers and business leaders who regularly interact with corporate clients.

Our value proposition

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Solutions fit for the era of rapid changes, versatility and innovation ›

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"We value very highly the PwC approach to working with startups, as well as their willingness to build long-term partnerships with companies such as ours. In the world of global corporations, this is a unique phenomenon. PwC has always been open to cooperation with innovators, and everyone benefits from it."

Marek Ostafil, COO at Cyberus Labs


"Being a part of the first edition of PwC’s Collider we didn’t know much what to expect. After several months of participation in Fast Track part of the program we can definitely say that PWC is a great partner to work on business models and business cases for our potential clients. Their 360 degrees expertise pointed to the areas we never thought of. It is truly remarkable that we got quite a lot of support also from Partners at PwC – their involvement showed us how Collider is important for PWC. We are sure that we will stay in touch after the program itself and will grow our future together with PwC."

Julian Kozankiewicz, co-founder of NoaTech


"Having participated in the PwC Startup Collider program, I now consider myself a better businessman. Every layer of knowledge and business discoveries make you better prepared for these ever transforming world that is changing at an increasing pace."

Fernando Cabello-Astolfi, founder and CEO at Aplazame


"PwC Startup Collider is a great facilitator of making your business plan reality. Meeting inspiring people who have valuable and broad knowledge is a great opportunity to became better at what drives us and to enhance our businesses. So for companies that already have a product and want to cooperate with international corporations, Startup Collider is a great starter."

Sebastian Starzyński, CEO at TakeTask

"For me personally as an AI and Big Data mentor, having the opportunity to work with startups that create intelligent systems is always an amazing experience, because those companies basically teach machines how to think. To do that they must first ‘dissect’ the whole thinking process, redesign it, and trap it in a box using software, using ‘magic’. You could say they make hardware think and that I think is the most interesting part of my job. And it’s very rewarding to see former Collidees succeed on the international stage."

Aleksander Fafuła, Big Data Analytics Manager at PwC Polska, Startup Collider mentor

"In my view, the startups that have so far participated in the Startup Collider program will very likely have a hugely positive impact on the ecosystem of innovation, but also they will influence the offer that we will present to our corporate customers in the nearest future. In case of fintechs, those won’t only be clients of an individual bank, but consumers in general, because innovation spreads and banks want to stay competitive. My job is to help startups find the right application for their innovation."

Magdalena Czubaszek, Financial Services Director at PwC Polska, Startup Collider mentor



The call for applications for the 3rd cohort
of PwC Startup Collider has begun!

Apply by December 20th.

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Why applying to PwC Startup Collider is always a great idea

Why applying to PwC Startup Collider is always a great idea

The CEE startup ecosystem – a few years ago, barely in its infancy, is currently experiencing a boom like never before. New startups are being created every day and there’s an increasing number of new initiatives that offer support to young entrepreneurs at every possible stage of a startup&#39;s life too. One of such initiatives is PwC Startup Collider – a scaling program for startups that want to grow their innovative business in Central and Eastern Europe. Apply to the program only until December 20 th , 2018

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