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The 1st cohort of the PwC Startup Collider program was dedicated exclusively to startup companies developing technology and solutions for the broadly understood financial services sector – they were all fintech startups.


Autenti (Poland)

Autenti is a platform for document approvals and signing contracts online that transforms traditional B2B and B2C transactions into e-commerce, by using one-click e-signatures

The company’s workflow approval, e-identification, and payments are designed to fit European business and consumer practices. By eliminating traditional ways of paper circulation and physical signing of documents, Autenti brings a significant reduction of time to close any transaction from several days to just a few seconds, giving measurable benefits and savings.

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Blueopes (Hungary)

Blueopes is an automatic white-label wealth management service for asset managers

The company uses AI-based algorithms to help asset managers customize their investment portfolios for their end-clients while taking into account the environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria to deliver a competitive financial return.

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Claims Control (Lithuania)

Claims Control is a Claims Sharing System dedicated for the insurance industry

The company’s solution is open API hub, which integrates claims systems with each other, and a freemium SaaS Claims Handling Portal for SMEs (insurance brokers, motor fleets, loss adjusters, freight forwarders), who do not have their own claims systems. Claims Control has online claim cases which can be shared with all participants of the claims handling process. All cases are updated by automated emails or via APIs.

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Cognitum (Poland)

Cognitum is a cognitive platform that enables high-end, scalable, and future-ready solutions for data acquisition, storage, archive searching and online processing, regardless of the complexity of the data

Cognitum’s solution homogenizes heterogenic distributed data sources by using AI-powered methods and tools allowing the end user to communicate with the machine using natural language.

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finAPI (Poland)

inAPI is a smart solution for banks, facing PSD2 and major FinTech challenges

The company provides solutions for challenges faced by both banks and other startups that are seeking niche solutions. finAPI is a unified and secure interface for building new digital ecosystems between banks and startups interested in financial activities, using a set of ready-to-use functional components, as well as a combination of the company’s very own software and open-source solutions.

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Jumbster (Poland)

Jumbster is a web application that allows drivers and businesses to buy cheaper fuel online

The company’s product not only saves money, but also collects sata from cars that can be sold to banks, oil corporations or automobile manufacturers. Moreover, this data enables insurance companies to know more about the insurees’ driving behavior. Users have the option to pay for gas by credit card within the application, and that could lead to a credit line for businesses who own car fleets.

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Talk Bank (Russia) is the first digital bank that makes use of Artificial Intelligence in messengers such as Telegram, Facebook, Viber, Siri without installing any apps

The company envisions the creation of a digital ecosystem offering interactive banking, concierge services, and financial advisory tailored to one’s individual needs. The scaling dynamics result from the self-built chatbot platform that allows side teams to connect and develop additional services and products inside the core banking offer without any additional coding skills.

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Xchanger (Poland) is an innovative multi-broker comparison platform

The company’s product enables savings of up to 25% on hidden bank fees, cooperating with 30 international money transfer and currency exchange operators. the only service on the market that compares the total cost of the transaction – the live exchange rates as well as the additional costs, e.g. operators’ fees and transfer costs. The company aims to be the leading comparison platform in CEE as well as a Payment initiator and account information service provider regarding PSD2.

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Coinfirm (Poland)

Coinfirm is a blockchain AML/KYC risk and compliance platform

The company provides seamless and cost-effective compliance for blockchain-based transactions and allows for the safe adoption of digital currencies and blockchain. The Coinfirm platform applies proprietary algorithms that result in actionable conclusions for AML/CFT compliance, credit risk assessment, and increased efficiency. This platform is also blockchain agnostic, meaning it can be applied to public blockchains such as Bitcoin and Dash as well as private blockchains such as those in development by financial institutions.

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Cyber Productivity (Poland)

Cyber Productivity is an online automated accounting system

The company’s product is dedicated for use by MICR/SME bank clients, using robotic accounting solutions for BPO/SSC as well as nearshoring/subcontracting based on robotic accounting technology.

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Dotmetrics (Croatia)

DotMetrics is a national-level Big Data audience measurement company

Thanks to the company’s user interface, agencies, advertisers, and publishers can make real-time reports with the whole data set about who accesses their web pages (demographic and psychographic data), and the ways people use those web pages. On the surface, DotMetrics is a data management platform which can be used for targeting online ads based on users’ interests. Below the surface, it is also a data onboarding partner for companies with CRMs with many end users.

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Noa Tech (Poland)

Noa Tech enables small and medium-sized retailers to reduce both the cost of in-store cash handling and the risk of cash transportation and frauds made by cashiers

Its product also saves time that can be spent on improved customer service.

Thanks to recirculation of cash among retail shops, visits in the treasury base are minimized. All cash paid by the customers to the device is counted and accounted for on the merchant’s bank account, minimizing problems with the whole process of cash handling.

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Transparent Data (Poland)

Transparent Data is a fast-moving, agile risk management company

The company delivers real-time, reliable, and comprehensive data to help businesses manage risk and strengthen their overall decision-making abilities.

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