Startup Collider Program

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Startup Collider is another innovative initiative by PwC CEE to nurture and promote Central and Eastern European startups and help them enter the corporate world

We scout, we refine and validate, we sell together.

Startup Collider is a new initiative for nurturing and promoting startups from CEE. Each annual cycle of Startup Collider includes a 12-week-long program with 4 weekly sprints in Warsaw.Startup Collider is aimed at startups that want to scale and enter new markets.

Startup Collider uses the know-how and resources of PwC to create tailor-made solutions, such as 1-to-1 advising, mentoring sessions, external expert insights or PwC Partner’s direct involvemto develop and rocket the startups’ operations, resulting in commercialization, internationalization and sales of the tartups’ solutions to external clients or within PwC’s product portfolio, not only within the CEE region, but globally as well.

By leveraging PwC’s assets, such as know-how, resources and global network of contacts, Startup Collider is able to help tartups go global and expand PwC’s product portfolio bringing additional value to its clients seeking innovative, effective solutions to their business issues, therefore introducing PwC to new of services.

Startups chosen for the acceleration program are matched with dedicated mentors, experts and PwC high performers, who are chosen based on their relevant expertise and serve as the contact point between the startup and PwC. entor works directly with startup and is responsible for securing access to additional resources in PwC.

The extensive acceleration program is followed by a go-to-market stage of 6-9 months, during which PwC and startups work together on the Proof of Concept and the first sale. Mature startups move directly to this stage.

By the end of the acceleration program, startups will have their value propositions, business plans, processes and possess knowledge of their respective markets, client needs andregulations already refined. For the best startups, an extensive go-to-market program will take place, where startups can align with PwC and benefit from its market footprint to deploy their products and services throughout CEE and beyond. Startup Collider is not just an acceleration program; it is rather a lifetime opportunity for the selected CEE startups.

In the first cohort, to connect with the best startups in Central and Eastern Europe, the Startup Collider team started an extensive social media where they became one of the top 100 brands in InsurTech and gained over a million impression on their channels. To know more about the ecosystem of startups in CEE and meet startups and opinion leaders, the Startup Collider team went on a roadshow called #StartupColliderBus. They spent over two weeks, drove 4313 kilometers and visited 12 European cities in 8

countries to meet startups, investors and startup enthusiasts. Startups from each city had the opportunity to hop on the bus and accompany the Startup Collider team throughout the whole trip.

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