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The 2nd cohort of the PwC Startup Collider program was a scale-up in itself with startups from various areas of expertise participating in the program, ranging from fintech via cybersecurity and proptech to augmented reality.


Alphablues (Estonia)

AlphaBlues automates customer services chat thanks to its proprietary solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The AlphaBlues solution – a virtual assistant, works in every European language, which ensures high flexibility and ease of use. The product can also be equipped with an engine that allows you to convert speech to text and text to speech, enabling voice support. The solution is fully compatible with the provisions on the protection of personal data. It consists of a set of versatile tools for creating, training and managing a virtual assistant, both as an independent solution, as well as adapted to the potential implementation in existing systems by external manufacturers.

The solution is already used by many banks and companies from the telecommunications industry across Europe.

Aplazame (Spain)

Aplazame is an instant credit risk-free solution for online and offline purchases

The solution combines an overtime payment method integrated at the merchant’s checkout with marketing tools to enable merchants to use financing as a promotional lever to boost sales.

While everybody in the trade sector (both e-commerce and retailers) is experiencing losses or decreased sales, Aplazame found a magic formula that allows everybody in the industry to win:

  1. Customers are offered a flexible payment method that increases their purchase capacity;
  2. Merchants boost their sales by using financing as a marketing tool;
  3. Banks are provided with a solution to compete with tech giants who are stealing their slice of the cake.

Apzumi Spatial (Poland)

Apzumi Spatial optimizes processes in industrial companies. It is a set of tools that uses AR, AI and IoT technologies to bring benefits in strategic areas

Production – an intelligent assistant provides automatic verification of operations and detects errors. It reduces complaints and increases quality.

Knowledge management – the solution allows linking documentation to their physical location, connecting to a remote expert and performing service activities at the same time. It enables remote supervision, shortens the time of performing services and guarantees better transfer of knowledge to less experienced personnel.

Remote collaboration – the tool allows to share the screen during the inspection and to receive visual hints or files at the same time. It reduces the costs of delegations, helps diagnose problems faster and solve them.

Education – AR training programs with 3D models don’t require physical components and allow to gain actual experience. This kind of tool translates into automatically conducted training in any place with immediate feedback, as well as its analysis.

bNesis (Poland)

With bNesis, banks and financial services companies get a ready-to-use and fully automated decision making and loan application platform. Any borrower (including SME) can easily apply for a loan online in several clicks and get the decision in within seconds

At the website or in the app of the bank, the borrower gives consent to analyze his expenses, income, social and financial data from different external services – e-commerce, accountancy or CRM systems etc.

The platform offered by the company provides a gamification mode which pushes the borrower to share as much data as possible. The statement is simple – the more data the borrower shares, the lower the interest rate and the higher the chance to get the loan. As a result, banks will have fewer default debts, will improve their acceptance rate, and will simplify the whole loan application process making it more convenient.

Also important is that the system uses a “Red Flags” approach to continuously monitor the borrower even after the loan was approved or denied. No need in using expensive registries and credit bureaus.

The non-traditional sources of data can be monitored even every 5 seconds free of charge. That will always provide the bank with the most accurate social, businesses, organizational and financial data of the borrower, while facilitating the processes related to obtaining credit or a loan.

Cyberus Labs (Poland)

Cyberus Labs is a cybersecurity solutions provider. The company’s mission is to make the increasingly inter-connected on-line world a safer place for companies and private users

The most widely-used user login methods still in use nowadays require passwords – a broken system leading to data and credentials theft, phishing attacks, frustration, and as consequence financial losses. Cyberus Labs fixes this problem with CYBERUS KEY – a simple, one-click and password-free user login solution, bringing bank-level security to the masses using a smartphone.

The company's next step is to adapt this simply secure login solution to the fast-growing world of connected devices – the Internet of Things (IoT). ELIoT Pro is a game-changing end-to-end cybersecurity solution for IoT networks, protecting users, devices, and data from hackers threatening smart solutions. ELIoT Pro joined the prestigious group of the most innovative European projects selected for funding from the SME Instrument (Horizon 2020) to finalize development and launch the product to global market.

Cyberus Labs is a fast-growing global company with clients and distribution channels in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

d'Tective (Czechia)

Created by DatLab, d’Tective is a market monitoring service offering daily reports on public tenders as well as tailor-made market research and analyses

The solution aggregates data on public procurement data from over 25 sources covering more than 34 European countries. Currently there are works in progress to add to the system countries from South America, Africa and Asia.

Thanks to an advanced matching algorithm, clients get almost real-time information about new tenders relevant to their interest and full market research including information about their competitors or their offers.

The company’s target audience are mainly companies selling goods or providing services in the area of public procurement internationally.


Edward.AI (Poland)

Edward is an AI-powered assistant for sales people who are struggling with their CRM software. Edward runs real time, integrates with existing processes to help salesforce with their CRM tools

We all know that access to proper data is crucial in sales. This is why sales managers want to have all the information about customers in one place for proper decision making. But sales reps simply don’t like to update their CRM due to complicated UX and lack of time. This is where Edward comes in handy.

Edward works in the background, automatically updating the information in an existing CRM system, thus changing the traditional way of using software. It is a proactive assistant that thanks to Machine Learning technology supports mobile sales teams.

Being able to integrate into any existing CRM software, Edward is a perfect solution for B2B companies with direct sales teams of over 10 people.

HousePrice.AI (UK)

Houseprice.AI is built around using Big Data and Machine Learning. Machine Valuation Model (MVM) based approach to property pricing sets the company as a leader amongst the Automated Valuation Models (AVM) market

The company was inspired to create a methodology that would bring more sophisticated information, greater accuracy and analytical rigor to the valuation process.

Belief in transparency, clarity and consistency is what underlies and drives HousePrice.AI to provide their clients with the best quantifiable and most objective valuation of property in the market. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and their combined multi-disciplinary experience provides the most accurate estimations of property values using their proprietary models.

The MVM being the next step in Automated Valuation Models is built on millions of pieces of data, incorporating macro, micro, geospatial, and property specific drivers to arrive at, fast accurate and consistent valuations.

The company developed its own app that calculates capital, rental and gross development values for a single property or an entire portfolio. Even very difficult property valuation problems are solved by means of elegant reports that have smart visualizations that allow users to make better informed decisions.

MintCLoud (Poland)

MintCloud is a loyalty-marketing platform. Thanks to the technology of processing fiscal receipts, the application allows its users to receive loyalty points after scanning the receipt with no POS integration needed

The end-consumer app automatically saves expenses and controls the budget, plus it offers promotions that match individual customer profiles thanks to knowledge the system is fed with.

The solution is perfect for marketers and brands who want to create remarkable customer experience that clients will appreciate and fall in love with. MintCloud uses highly sophisticated OCR and Machine Learning technologies allowing retailer and FMCG businesses to run the most customer-oriented and at the same time the most efficient loyalty program available today.

The Machine Learning technology embedded in the MintCloud ecosystem gives brands the power to run epic campaigns on a limited budget. With this unique take on Marketing Automation, businesses will not only reach their marketing and sales goals faster, but will also make marketers’ work more creative and easier.

Take Task (Poland)

In order to thrive in the dynamic economic environment, companies face challenges regarding ad-hoc shortages of labor force, high costs of fixed workers during low season, as well as constant need of training people

TakeTask is an app that allows to easily communicate tasks top-down and get the bottom-up feedback and confirmation of their completion in the form of e.g. photos, videos, sound recordings, GPS etc. Tasks can be preceded by an in-app training and test.

Moreover, the solution provides external labor force independent TakeTask user, as well as in the future people working with TakeTask in customers communities (e.g. market research fieldworkers, merchandisers, temporary labor providers).

The companies target group are companies with geographically dispersed labor force that does not use computers in their work, but can use smartphones.

Presently, the company focuses on four groups: retailers, the HoReCa sector, manufacturers and market research/merchandising companies.

Talkin'Things (Poland)

Talkin’ Things is a complete eco-system provider that transforms traditional products using digital technologies

Having great expertise in IoT technologies and marketing campaigns, Talkin’ Things develops creative concepts for brands and offers comprehensive implementation know-how to run digital transformation without disruption of manufacturing processes. The company offers a wide range of IoT technologies: Augmented Reality, unique QR codes, unique barcodes, NFC/RFID and sensors. Based on clients’ requirements, Talkin’ Things advises the most appropriate technology that brings the most benefits. Regardless of the decision, chosen tech connects with the cloud-based system through IoT devices like smartphones, IoT devices, and industrial readers.

Thanks to cooperation with biggest packaging manufacturers in the world, the implementation of the technology into products is an easy process that Talkin’ Things guide client’s from start to finish.

Innovative solutions offered by Talkin’ Things have been repeatedly awarded at international events and competitions, winning, among others, the title of the most innovative solution in the category of patient safety according to Pharmapack Europe (2017). Talkin’ Things also found itself among the 50 most innovative startups according to the Kairos Society and on the list of 50 most innovative startups in Europe.

Vintom (Poland)

The changes that take place in the communication of companies with consumers are huge, and video plays an increasing role in everyday contact with the customer

Vintom goes a step further. Their technology allows direct contact with the client based on the mass production of personalized, unique films

The Vintom solution is used in various processes related to sales and customer services in many industries. Personalized video is an effective, most engaging form of communication. Statistics show that over 85% of people watch the videos to the very end, and more than half of them view the videos more than once.

Unlike standard channels, personalized video campaigns can be very accurately analyzed in terms of their effectiveness. Cloud technology provides deep personalization including both modifiable audio as well as photos, animations, subtitles and dynamic scenes.

The company was founded in 2015. For the first two years it invested mainly in the development of technology, now it is at the stage of intensive expansion and international sales. The company’s headquarters is in Warsaw and its foreign sales offices in Madrid and London.

The Vintom team carried out projects for clients in Poland (including Citibank Handlowy, mBank, Getin Bank, PZU, Nationale Nederlanden) and abroad (Carrefour Spain, Orange, Tatra Banka, Santander and Banco de Chile).

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