Third cohort


In the 3rd cohort, we had a pleasure to work with the most mature startups so far. Diverse scope of solutions and willingness to scale in the non-obvious industries, our scale-ups display, is what makes PwC Startup Collider a great place for boosting businesses.


1000 realities

The Edge Realities Platform – AR Made Easy, Edge Realities is a cloud-based AR as a Service platform that makes it easy for content providers to deploy their own AR experiences and tools

It’s designed from the ground up to be as user-friendly as possible – no coding ability or IT knowledge is required, all overlays can be added directly from any browser, and high performance and extended battery life are maintained on any device. And because all the computing is outsourced, it’s easy to map or augment complex, large-scale environments.

Edge Realities is the core of ARIA - a smart AR assistant for industrial and corporate employees, designed to support workers in their daily duties. ARIA can guide them through their entire work process, no matter how complicated it is, eliminating the risk of human error by showing an interactive manual that immediately connects instructions with infrastructure elements.

How can ARIA help your business?

Service engineers have to carefully follow rules and procedures. Unfortunately, a lack of experience and reduced concentration during work can lead to a huge tragedy. We’ve created ARIA to support your employees in their daily duties.

Our solution is the answer to the three basic needs of almost every business:

  • creation of a safe workplace for employees;
  • maximizing productivity;
  • convenient access to relevant data in real time.


Behavera is a Talent Decision Cloud that helps businesses of all sizes spot and develop talents with online behavioral assessment

Based on scientifically valid methodology, Behavera uses purpose-built simulation games designed by psychologists to remove bias and distortion from the decision-making process and to deliver unique candidate experience. The simulations are carefully constructed online games representing real situations at the workplace. A psychometric algorithm follows and analyses the player’s actions to provide a detailed profile covering their workrelated competences.

As such the psychometric games serve as a trusted source of insights about people’s soft skills and competences in both recruitment and development processes. The body of information is enhanced with bespoke chatbot functionality for candidate sourcing, culture-fit screening and more.

The Talent Decision Cloud aggregates the results and provides clients with features for sophisticated work with individuals and groups such as teams or cohorts of applicants. Thanks to full automation solution is scalable while providing higher quality behavioral information as opposed to classical interviews or personality tests.

The Behavera team is currently preparing for the launch of a next-generation talent-matching platform. It will bring together all the advantages of behavioural assessment both for candidates (who get immediate feedback and a stream of self-development opportunities and relevant job-offers) and companies.

Companies such as OKIN, Rockaway, Vodafone, Wuestenrot, Slovak Post Bank, Tatra Banka (part of Raiffeisen Group), Quadient and a number of small and medium businesses are using Behavera on a regular basis.

Dynamic Pricing AI

This leads to slow product turnover, slow response on market changes, partial portfolio repricing and ineffective ad campaigns

Dynamic Pricing AI automates the detection and assessment of every competing offer in e-commerce. Pricing rules and algorithms are configured to manage risk to margin and eliminate the display of non-competitive ads. The system recommends and updates offers and make the products stand out as the best choice for price and Availability.

The Dynamic Pricing AI solution unifies the pricing and online marketing by combining sales, inventory and competition data with customer behavior from Google Ecommerce Analytics. The data is used to automate pricing strategies and tactics. This leads to optimized capital management and faster stock turnover, aligned pricing of entire retail portfolio in real-time and effective marketing campaigns with products most likely to convert.

The company was founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs with 10+ years background in e-commerce and large scale software development. Now mid and large customers from the CEE region in industries like: online grocery, sports, automotive, DIY, consumer electronics and cosmetics use the system. Among the biggest names are: Euronics, BigBang, SportDepot and Mr.Bricolage. The company has sales representatives in Bulgaria and Germany.


Family Finances

Family Finances offers design-driven mobile banking solutions for financial institutions with a special focus on younger customers, including boxed solutions that are easy to integrate and white-label as well as an end-to-end service from UX research, through UX/UI design to implementation

These solutions enable banks to engage youngsters and young adults with design-oriented digital interfaces.

We help banks speak the same language younger generations do with our off-the-shelf solutions that are all built modularly, so our clients can put their preferred features together just like LEGO pieces making us a one-stop-shop for banks.

Furthermore, we’ve built out in-house UX/UI design and mobile development teams, so that we can truly co-create with banks and build them design-driven and research-based mobile banking solutions from UX research, through UX/UI design to implementation.

We believe in 3 core values: Empathy, Trust and Dedication. Through our empathic approach, we help financial institutions create unique youth banking strategies by co-creating mobile-first solutions and cooperating with different departments efficiently. Our products and services educate and entertain end-customers, so they become loyal to their banks, which can then evolve into communities instead of commodities, resulting in long-lasting trust in financial institutions. We are dedicated to create a society with better financial consciousness that eventually results in a stronger economy.


We help banks, brokers, wealth managers and other financial institutions serve their clients better with our suite of modern digital investment solutions

Building solid bonds.

We strongly believe that cooperation between traditional financial institutions and fintechs generates mutual benefit. Both have advantages and aspirations that are complementary, making it worthwhile to form partnerships.

Our proposed approach can be best symbolized by a bridge, providing a structural connection between two different worlds with the aim to take the best from each for the greater good of both. Well-constructed alliances with banks will provide their customers with benefits which are far superior to those that could be assembled individually. With extensive years of banking experience, our team understands the investment needs of banking customers and has true appreciation and aptitude for managing the required integration with banking systems to deliver a reliable and seamless solution.

Piwik PRO

Piwik PRO is the first real privacyoriented alternative to Google Analytics. Created in 2013 in Europe, Piwik PRO Analytics Suite enables to track web, app, product and intranet behaviour of users

Without compromising their personal data, Piwik PRO ensures compliance with the world’s strictest security policies and privacy regulations. Together with a powerful platform comes high-touch customer care, training and professional guidance in obtaining the most valuable insights for your business.

Today Piwik PRO hires over 100 specialists and serves customers from all around the world: governments, public institutions, private companies and enterprises like HP, Accenture or the European Commission.

But Piwik PRO customers are not only representatives of data-sensitive industries. Many companies simply seek a powerful, integrated platform allowing to collect and manage crucial data, from marketing consents, through demographics and interests, to sensitive data in the postlogin Areas.

This is why SVC, an Austria-based healthcare company, chose Piwik PRO:

“Our core goal is to optimize and increase the user experience based on data. Piwik PRO Analytics Suite combines all the necessary features to achieve this goal. From the analysis and evaluation of channels to target group segmentation and planning of suitable content, we now have a solution with which we can implement everything.”


Pricely is a price optimization software for retail chains

Price management has a direct impact on the profitability, while most retailers in the CEE region still use Excel to manage prices. Pricely is a tool that recommends optimal prices. System uses machine learning algorithms and as well reproduces current price strategies used by the retail Chain.

Pricely takes full advantage of internal retailers data, enabling to determine the optimal sale price.

We have developed algorithms that takes into account

  • sales and inventory data,
  • competition prices
  • price elasticity (automated algorithms)
  • segmentation of the roles of categories and the
  • price sensitivity (automated algorithms).
  • most common price strategies, i.e. cost logic,
  • competition logic and product logic.

Software is offered in SaaS model. Technically it uses several Microsoft services (including Microsoft Azure and Power BI).

Pricely was founded in 2016. Initially, the idea was to create “piece of software for electronic labels”. After several discussions with retail chains, we recalibrated the focus from supporting electronic labels to build HW independent price management and optimisation System. Currently, we are expanding our structures to accelerate R&D. Soon, a PROMO RECO module (sales & promotional prices recommendation) will be available, for which we obtained funds from investment funds (BrIdge Alfa investment from National Center for Research and Development and private investors funds). The next planned modules are assortment recommendation and omnichannel.


Businesses cannot launch an effective social media marketing campaign without the right data. This is where Sotrender comes in

Sotrender is an analytical SaaS company that provides users with the tool necessary to analyze and manage their social media profiles. Our customers are primarily business owners, social media managers, and marketing agencies.

By providing our users with up-to-date, comprehensible, and informative reports, they can better understand their target audience. What’s more, these reports can be auto-generated for your ease.

We recognize the importance of keeping up to date with the newest technology. This is why we invest in a brilliant R&D team that works on automating social media tasks with the help of AI and machine learning in particular.

The key task of the Product team is constant development of the tool and its features. Their most recent challenge has been developing Facebook moderation in the app itself. Our users are able to moderate conversations on Facebook posts and ads. Sotrender’s moderation tool stands out from the rest because of its design and features.

Our Analytics team are responsible for preparing in-depth reports for our clients and reporting on current social media trends. With their help, our clients can make better data-driven decisions about their marketing strategies. Some of the reports that they can prepare include target group analysis, Facebook Ads reports, Google Maps reports, and comparison reports.

With satisfied clients from over 40 countries, we are dedicated to providing consistent support and a top-performing product.


Amazon & Uber have changed the rules of the game. Customer centric delivery service is an industry standard and expectations are rising by the minute. Customers expect seamless same day or next day delivery and very often for free. Ufleet provides the technological edge that can help Retailers, Delivery & Service businesses keep up

Ufleet’s solution consists of a web-based dashboard for managers, a mobile app for drivers & service agents, and a web-based customer interface. It utilizes AI to automate operations and make them up to 25% more efficient. The customer experience is transformed into an interactive journey with features like personalized customer interface and real-time status notifications.

Ufleet has an international client base of companies from the FMCG sector and large retailers such as Metro Cash & Carry. It has its HQ in Sofia, Bulgaria with sales offices in Gdansk and Berlin.

Ufleet’s team works closely with mentors and experts from PwC on several business cases with major players in the Home Improvement and Ecommerce space. Expected results are improved delivery times and deeper customer engagement with the help of Ufleet’s customer portal.


Zonifero is one of the most promising proptech companies in Europe

It is a comprehensive platform that makes properties and offices labour- and cost-efficient by fusing automation, machine learning, mobile app and IoT sensors.

We’ve seen lots of implementations throughout the world including the latest contract for over a 100k square meters (1M square feet) with Cavatina in Poland. We are official partners of Microsoft as well as many commercial real estate companies in Europe.

We are backed by one of the fastest-growing software houses in Europe, SoftwareHut (acknowledged by Deloitte and Financial Times). This makes us agile and way faster-to-market (including new functionalities and custom development) than anybody else in that industry. Our speciality lays in innovative and remote management of workplaces including hot-desks, office data analysis, property automation, conference room reservation system, parking management, remote HR, virtual lobby, digital signage, space and labour optimisation and more.

Zonifero has already been awarded numerous times and the future looks very bright for this Poland-based startup.

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