Information, Communications, and Entertainment

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Companies operating in the technology, information, communications and entertainment sectors face enormous challenges: on the one hand, they need skilful management in difficult times, are forced to introduce cost cuts, and on the other they need to adapt in order to remain competitive and capable of development in the future through partnership under new business models.

PwC is a leading global provider of services for the technology, information, communications and entertainment sectors. We have the largest and the most experienced team of experts in this sector who work on finding global solutions to the most important problems facing the companies operating in the sector. Our in-depth industry experience allows us to see the most important trends and events concerning the sector from an insider’s perspective.

The size of our firm and its market share are not the only factors that decide about its leading position, however, they reflect our success in serving our large, medium and small clients operating in the entertainment and media sectors. These factors enable us to employ and retain the best people and invest the necessary resources in providing services to our clients in this sector.