Valuation and Strategy

View this page in: Polski The Polish Valuation & Strategy team is an integral part of the regional V&S team comprising over 50 professionals, with access to the global V&S network. We deliver expert valuation and thorough financial, economic and strategic advice. Our three major areas of expertise comprise business valuation, real estate and financial modelling.

Value and price are central to any transaction. Our valuation professionals have a reputation for independence. We understand the risks and value drivers that can affect a company's price, as well as the impact of intangible assets. We utilise innovative modelling techniques and in-depth analysis to determine the best price for targets / disposals and suggest ways to maintain shareholder value during proposed company restructuring or market downturns.

Our Polish V&S group combines valuation expertise with advanced analytical skills, sophisticated financial tools and modelling tailored to the Polish economic, tax and legal systems, as well as with detailed knowledge of industry specific issues and drivers. We understand the impact that new technologies, competitors and changes in the regulatory environment can have on a company.

Our services:

Business valuation

We value businesses and assets:
  • companies on a going concern basis
  • companies to be liquidated
  • share packages (e.g. for transaction purposes or for shareholder disputes)
  • intangible assets (e.g. brands, internet domains, client relationships, etc.)
  • contributions in kind
We advise our Clients on:
  • preparation for acquisition or disposal of a business
  • squeeze out of minority shareholders
  • corporate Income Tax implications
  • court expertise
  • stakeholder disputes
  • pricing assistance
  • settlement of liabilities
  • collaterals (mainly related to real estate)
  • impairment tests
  • purchase price allocations (PPA)
  • review of third party valuations
Real estate valuation

Our services include:
  • valuation of real estate (single assets, holdings and portfolios)
  • review of third party valuations
  • IFRS support (impairment tests under IAS 36)
  • restructuring of real estate portfolios
  • feasibility studies / business plans for real estate related projects
  • due diligence support
Financial modelling

We offer our Clients technical assistance in:
  • preparation of complex, dynamic spreadsheets (investment project analysis, financial projections etc.) tailored to Clients' specific needs and assumptions
  • review of financial models that have been prepared for a Client by third party (e.g. models prepared for banks, which provide financing for investments)
  • financial modelling services provided in connection with a planned transaction involving a business acquisition or during a finance raising process