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Increasing value of the company leveraging Information Technology

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

2nd of December 2022 at 09:00 AM CET

Technology, Innovation and Digital Processes are crucial factors for companies and enterprises around the world.

Enterprises have to engage with Customers in many sales and customer service channels like mobile apps, web, voice/chatbots, contact-center or social media. Increase of sales and improving customers’ engagement have become even more important than ever.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology helps the business to increase its revenues, organize their customers information and streamline the sales process.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are the backbone of a modern business, as they enable to harness operational complexity and achieve scalable business growth. ERP system selection and implementations tend to be the most critical business decisions and challenging projects in specific industries.

CRM applications help companies earn more. Recently, most leading CRM software vendors report significant improvement in sales process efficiency among their clients, and these numbers are hard to ignore: revenue per sale increased by 41%, improvement of sales productivity by up to 44% and saving 23% on sales and marketing costs

Leading companies focus on Technology and improve their business applications. PwC’s Market Winners’ Survey 2022 shows that 85% of winners have already invested in at least five technology areas from which the top four are related to digital & customer relationships.

ERP systems are essential for all organizations in managing their operations. 88% of organizations consider their ERP implementation helped them to succeed. The top reasons to implement an ERP are increasing efficiency (35%) followed by cost advantage (29%)53% of businesses believe ERP is one of the priority sectors for investments.

Investors can benefit from leveraging CRM and ERP IT systems by:

  • Digitization of sales and service channels

  • Improving customer relationships

  • Proactive sales and marketing campaigns driven by modern customer insight powered by AI technologies

  • Internal process control and effective cost optimization

But the question remains what does this mean in practice and how to overcome today’s challenges for creating tomorrow’s value. 

Join us to discuss practical examples and recommendations for institutional investors on shareholder engagement on these key IT systems optimizations and investments. 


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Rafał Dróbka

PwC Poland Deals Leader


Presentation 1 - How transformation of customer relationships can drive increase in sales and customer lifetime value

Dariusz Zieliński
Senior Manager, CRM Implementation Service Line


Presentation 2 - How Private Equity can increase business scalability and control leveraging ERP solutions

Bartłomiej Kołodziejczyk

Director, CRM and ERP Advisory Service Lines


Q&A Session - Opportunities and risks related to CRM and ERP transformation


Bartłomiej Kołodziejczyk

Director, CRM and ERP Advisory Service Lines



Rafał Dróbka,
PwC Poland Deals Leader

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