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enforce® is an integrated #risk, #compliance and #internal audit management system. It is #GDPR ready, user-friendly, and accessible online.

enforce® is an integrated and flexible system which enables comprehensive risk, compliance, and internal audit management.It supports implementation of and compliance with the GDPR.

Its intuitive nature ensures an easy data collection and access, comprehensive management of tasks and processes, as well as transparent reporting of all the GRC-related critical information directly to the risk management, compliance, and internal audit teams, as well as to the board and audit committee.

enforce® utilises best industry standards and practices. It helps build company’s resilience by enabling quick information about risks as they appear, and about their influence on the company.



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enforce® is:

Management Centre

all the key data is stored in one place

Quick risk response

advanced reporting and visualisations enable identification of risk areas and prioritisation of tasks

Saving time and money

thanks to the full integration of modules, advanced workflow system, easy management of users, and existence of embedded forms

Quick implementation

Its technical implementation takes only a few days

4 modules of enforce®:

Get a clear and comprehensive picture of risk in your company

enforce® enables effective risk management for the whole organisation thanks to its comprehensive risk identification and assessment features, including detecting risks’ sources, proposing adjustment measures, and assigning responsibilities for each of the areas.

Managing risk with enforce®:

  • Easy logging and monitoring of each risk area’s status
  • Assigning responsibilities for processes and activities across an organisation
  • System of schedules and notifications which streamlines the workflow of teams representing various divisions and departments within an organisation
  • Comprehensive assessment of the risk impact and risk management activities
  • Clear visualisation which uses matrixes and risk maps, thus enabling swift responses and prioritising of tasks
  • Recommendations for activities with an option to create comprehensive adjustment plans

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Manage and monitor internal and external compliance at every level of your organisation

enforce® ensures proper risk identification and compliance management across your organisation. This will help you protect your business from legal and financial implications of operating in a fluid legal environment.

Compliance management with enforce®:

  • Quick identification of compliance requirements and coupling them with risks
  • Thorough compliance assessment with regards to specific requirements (regulations)
  • Ongoing monitoring of regulatory changes
  • Recommendations and controlling of activities as part of the compliance plans
  • System of notifications – action plans are distributed to people responsible for specific elements of the process
  • Integration with the risk management system and internal audit

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For a more effective and efficient internal audit in your company

Thanks to its automated and optimised processing, enforce® supports planning and carrying out of internal audits. It enhances the audits’ scope and minimises their time and costs implications.

Internal audit management with enforce®:

  • Annual and multi-year internal audit plans with documenting audit’s tasks
  • Management of individual tasks – assigning areas of activities to individual persons, processes, and risk areas within the system
  • Complete electronic document management system – all documents are stored in one secure data repository
  • Ongoing monitoring and control of the audit activities
  • Recommendations for improvements
  • Comprehensive reporting to an internal audit manager and an audit committee

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Help your company brace for the break-through changes introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

enforce® simplifies implementation and management of the GDPR-related compliance by automating risk assessments for individual areas and data processing activities.

Implementing the GDPR with enforce®:

  • Clear repository of the data processing activities, full documentation as required by the GDPR is in one place
  • Simplified data collection and data protection impact assessment (DPIA)
  • Risk analysis is made for each identified data processing activity
  • Risk profiles of the loss of privacy are visualised
  • Systemic listing of: recommendations to be implemented, plans of adjustment measures, and responsibilities

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Identify, assess and monitor risk with enforce®

Intuitive nature

The tool is user-friendly and available in all languages


Its functionalities can be aligned with the current documents and processes in your company

Simple integration

…with other IT solutions, systems, and data warehouses


…of the application via a tablet or a laptop, and a web browser – no replication is required, and there are no limits to the number of users

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