Legal & Investigative
Managed Review

From small issues to big crises, we provide insight from documents.

Investigations, litigations, M&A, compliance reviews - these issues usually involve large volumes of data, tight deadlines as well as defensible results and high quality. We are a dedicated team of legal and forensic professionals. We support the review process by providing a high quality review team, industry leading technologies, and an end-to-end service as one managed service.

We are a permanent, diverse, multilinguistic team of 1000+ PwC staff in Poland with subject matter experts in a range of languages and expertise across many sectors.

Our services and solutions

Based on our experience in designing and running large scale review projects we have developed a flexible approach to managed review that can be easily leveraged for broader solutions.

Documents & Misconduct Review
Leading and delivering high volume reviews, including responding to requests from regulators, supporting disclosure in litigation and performing redaction reviews for compliance and transaction reasons.

Contract And Policy Reviews
Understanding the key provisions in your business contracts is key to both commercial success and regulatory compliance. Contract review ensures that all of your key contract information, regardless of where or in what format it is, can be collated and reviewed by a dedicated review team.

Personal and Sensitive Data Reviews
Data is an important and valuable asset, making breaches and loss an ever present threat. We can help clients understand what personal data and sensitive data they hold, what is in their data protection clauses and provide assistance in responding to requests from data subjects.

GDPR, Cyber and Data Loss Reviews
If a data breach has occured, we know that our clients need to quickly understand the types of information that has been exposed, including personal data.

Regulatory And Governance Review
We give visibility and insight into our client’s governance framework, including strategies, policies and procedures by extracting and digitizing the key provisions in their policies and the procedures that are aligned to them.

Mass Litigation Review
Proprietary PwC service to facilitate the standardize and structure the delivery model to handling mass litigation claims.

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Our Legal & Investigative document review services provide you with a secure, cost-effective and highly-productive document and contract review capability.

You will benefit from agile, efficient resources including legal backgrounds and the subject matter knowledge needed to handle a variety of cases.

Led by experienced project managers and quality assurance teams, our reviewers work tactically and seamlessly to give you support when you need it the most.

Documented process and work-flows

Quick set-up of the review team

Scalable review solution

Possibility to on-board experts from your teams

Flexible approach towards cooperation

Review can be conducted in several languages

Competitive pricing helps secure value

Advanced technology e-Review, data platform enhanced with AI

& Technology

By implementing one or more of the following analytical options, we can help you quickly gain insight into the data collected, reduce review time, and improve accuracy. Spend less time reviewing data and more time strategically assessing the situation.

We have a dedicated technology team with access to a range of market leading applications and platforms to best assist with the both collection and preparing the data for the review as well as with the review itself.

e-review Platforms

Data processing & early case assessment

Data mining & contract analytics

Process & Workflow management

The value we create

Regulatory requirements, internal investigations, compliance reviews  or court proceedings are very often the triggering factors for the review process.

We know that organisations are increasingly faced with the challenge of reviewing, understanding or extracting information from vast quantities of data. There are numerous drivers for this including responding to new regulation, dealing with matters of compliance, conducting investigations or wanting to gain a commercial advantage. We support organisations with review of large data volumes.

We provide:

  • Advanced technology: both when it comes to analytics of the collected data as well as in the review process

  • Speed: we have a multilingual team that can be rapidly mobilised and trained in the details of the analysed matter

  • Quality: on top of the review we have the team of quality experts, that will make sure that your review is performed with the application of highest standards

  • Flexibility: we are open to cooperation with you and your legal advisors in various schemes. We can either perform the complete review, share it with you or /your counsels’ team as well as prepare the infrastructure only for your review.

Our experts

A permanent, diverse team of PwC staff with expertise across different industry sectors. We have global reach and support reviews in more than 40 languages.

Our experience with investigators, attorneys and regulators across enable us to plan for and anticipate their expectations – giving you a powerful advantage. We integrate with our clients’ legal and compliance teams to mitigate risk, provide insights and preserve value.


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