Shared Service Centres (SSC)

Transforming vision into action

Improve the efficiency, increase the effectiveness 

Nowadays, an increasing tendency can be observed on the global market – the tendency to use outsourcing, offshoring and, more generally, to transfer different processes management to low-cost countries

This tendency can be also observed in Central and Eastern Europe, where highly qualified and talented, yet cheap, staff can be found.

Organisations are now moving along the maturity curve and outsourcing or establishing centres of excellence for core activities like research, product development and tax and legal services. The rationale for shared services and outsourcing is thus changing dramatically. A growing number of organisations see it as a means of obtaining strategic advantages, not just as a cost-cutting measure.

Today, with greater connectivity, the trend is towards multi-sourcing — where shared services, outsourcing and robotics all play a role and collaborates with each other to provide a seamless collection of services. As a result, the pillars of global sourcing — outsourcing, shared services, offshoring and robotics — are becoming entrenched business strategies, to the point of giving rise to a new era of collaborative partnering.

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