The defence industry

Comprehensive legal and regulatory, tax and customs, risk management and security advisory services

Every entrepreneur intending to supply his components or technology to the defence industry or manufacture military, police, or dual-use products on its own, should consider whether the activity he is planning to undertake, requires a concession or authorization

The same applies to the situation where a component/product or technology is manufactured for civil use, but has been adapted to military or police needs.

If you:

  • are planning to become a supplier or manufacturer of military, police, or dual-use components or technology... 
  • intend to take part in any manner in commercial or technical advisory services related to production, sales or supplies of such components or technology... 
  • are already a supplier, manufacturer or a sales or technical consultant...

our dedicated team will provide you with comprehensive support in conducting your business.

We provide advisory services for the defense industry

The work most frequently includes:

  • obtaining concessions and authorizations for manufacturing or selling military, police or dual-use components/products/ technologies, including exporting of the above
  • appropriate adjustment of the internal processes and procedures to satisfy the requirements related to the production or sales of military components or technology
  • tax and customs structuring of production processes and processes related to foreign sales.

The members of our team have extensive experience in supporting clients in making sales on the international market, as well as obtaining permits for regulated activities, in particular in the production and sales of military, police or dual-use components/products/technologies.  We benefit from the international experience of the PwC network of experts. 

Our support

Tax/customs advisory services

Our team provides support in the following areas based on its experience: 

  • the classification of components/products or technologies for the purposes of the regulation of sales of military, police or dual-use products 
  • the specification of all documents, to be prepared for customs clearance when importing or exporting military, police, or dual-use components/products or technologies 
  • defining which entity in the distribution chain should fulfil the obligations arising from the relevant laws 
  • the proposal of possible modifications to the supply chain so that the obligations related to the regulation of sales of such components/products or technologies apply to the entity to which they are expected to apply.

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Legal and Regulatory Advisory Services

We provide comprehensive legal advice in the process of obtaining administrative decisions (concessions, authorizations) from public administration bodies related to the manufacture and sales, including exports, of military, police or dual-use components/products or technologies.

In this respect, we support clients: 

  • in the analysis of the existing business to confirm whether it is necessary to obtain a concession or authorization
  • in coordinating their projects with the objective of obtaining a concession or authorization
  • in the preparation of the documentation required to obtain a concession or authorization 
  • in contacts with the competent authorities, in particular the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration and the Ministry of Development
  • in the preparation of all the documents required for relevant proceedings.

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Business advisory services regarding risk management

We advise clients on the establishment or adjustment of risk management and internal control procedures to the requirements of entities manufacturing or selling military, police or dual-use products.  In particular, we support our clients in the assurance of compliance of the Internal Control System with ISO 9001, which is required by the regulations on international sales of military or police components/products.  As a part of this, we help identify gaps and develop ways of addressing them in areas related to the tasks of the enterprise’s governing bodies, control and management of sales, the principles of selecting employees, data archiving, internal control, the fulfilment of orders and training.

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Business advisory services in the area of security

Knowing the specificity of requirements related to the production and sales of military or police products, we support clients in adjusting their organizations to the need to protect both information and other key resources.  Starting from physical security, through environmental security to cyber security, we help create a single, integrated security system based on three pillars:

(i) the organization,
(ii) the technology and
(iii) the people.

We also support our clients in the protection of classified information, the prevention of industrial espionage and raising awareness of security among employees at all levels. 

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Business advisory services regarding IT

The dedicated team of advisers is able to provide support in preparing directions of development and the selection of IT business systems for activities regarding the sale and manufacture of military or police components, products and technology, assessing and managing IT risk and reviewing and assessing the progress of a project for implementing the system.

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