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CIMA - accelerated Gateway route

Accelerate your CIMA studies and become a member

Gateway is a special entry path for people with specific education or diplomas. Thanks to this accelerated option, eligible individuals have the unique opportunity to obtain exemptions from 11 exams and start qualification from the Management Case Study exam.

Want to know more about CIMA?  CIMA Handbook


In order to qualify for the Gateway path, one needs to hold ast least one of the below:

  • CFA III Level
  • MBA 
  • Polish Chamber of Statutory Auditors (PIBR) - 10 exams or final exam
  • ACCA membership

Individuals eligible for the Gateway path are required to take the Management Case Study exam (also known as the Gateway exam). It is a 3-hour computer based exam that summarizes the whole management level in the form of a case study. During the exam, students answer 3-4 open questions based on the so-called pre-seen, i.e. material available about 6 weeks before the exam, introducing the company and industry to which the exam will apply in a given exam session.

The examination takes place in 4 examination sessions a year (February, May, August and November). Helpful in planning the exam may be the fact that the same pre-seen materials applies to two subsequent exam sessions: May + August and November + February.

After passing the exam, the student receives the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting  and can continue the path on the Strategic level.

In order to apply for the Gateay path, one needs to:

  • Register as a student on CIMA website (selecting "gateway route")
  • Send to CIMA documents confirming the appropriate qualifications or education (diplomas and supplements in English - if the originals are in different language, you must also send English translation) 

After reviewing the documents and marking the registration as complete, CIMA confirms eligibility for the accelerated path by e-mail within 20 working days.

Gateway fee is 425 GBP. This cost includes:

  • CIMA student registration fee
  • One attempt at the Management Case Study exam (valid for two years)
  • Entry to the Professional Qualification at Strategic Level after successfully passing the Management Case Study - the cost of further exams is calculated at the standard rate applicable on the day of the entry.


Courses with PwC's Academy

Gateway package

In order to properly prepare for the Gateway exam, we invite you to trainings for F2, P2 and E2 and training for the Management Case Study.

The package includes a -45% discount on training for F2, P2 and E2 and a -5% discount on training for the Management Case Study.

The total price of the package: PLN 7 425 + 23% VAT
(Standard price: PLN 11 100 + 23% VAT)

P2, E2, F2

Live Online classes from 8:30 a.m. till 2:30 p.m.

Management Case Study

Live Online classes from 8:30 a.m. till 2:30 p.m.

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