Drones Racing takes off in the UK


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Following the USA, the drone racing scene is starting to become active in the UK. These are heady days for a sport that was still an underground pastime six months ago, says Nigel Tomlinson, the chairman of the FPV Racing League. Last August more than 30 racers gathered at an airfield in Lincolnshire for the first UK Drone Nationals. The competition involved four drones at a time flying rounds of a course similar to a miniature version of the Red Bull Air Race.

Racers say that the sport gives them more adrenaline then normal computer games.  Toby Collis, the 22 year old winner of last year’s inaugural UK championships organised by the British FPV Racing Association said that it’s like a game just in real life. The thrill gets even bigger due to the fact that the drone can be crashed – a risk possible only in real life. 

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