Drones to pollinate flowers?

01/08/17 | Tags: FunSocialInnovations,

Drones are nowadays used for a growing number of purposes ranging from commercial application to pure entertainment. But few month ago, Japanese team started to work on a drone which will try to do a bumblebee’s job.

The population of bees around the world in constantly decreasing from not yet discovered reasons. Since they are necessary to pollinate flowers, researchers work on solutions which can help in making it artificially. One of the ideas is to use a drone to pollinate flowers. The invention is not yet a replacement of bumblebee, but technology is still being developed in Japan, as well as by other independent teams. It is believed that in the future, with support of high-resolution cameras, GPS and maybe also AI, the solution may be feasible, and thus, drones can also gain another advantage.  

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