Drones for pesticide spraying

14/03/17 | Tags: BusinessSocialInnovations

In this planting season Mada (Muda Agriculture Development Authority in Malaysia) decided to revolutionize the spraying of pesticides in paddy fields and use drones for this purpose. Drones are equipped with the 10 litre tank together with GPS and will be able to spray 20 ha within one day. The drone operations are supposed to cover the area of 2,000 ha and will provide 1,000 new workplaces.

Opponents of the new method believe aerial spraying to increase air pollution and affect health issues connected to the pesticide. However the Mada Chairman emphasized that drone will fly at two or three meters which ensure the pesticide to spray evenly on the paddy area. Furthermore, Mada conducted trial run which proved to not have a negative influence on the local environment.

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