Flying drones indoors

08/03/16 | Tags: BusinessFunInnovationsRegulations

While the flying indoors is strictly prohibited, companies are trying to find a way to make it more useful and solely fun activity.

Since GPS signal as used in most of the drones to determine the flight trajectory cannot be used indoors scientists had to come up with different solutions. Vision-based algorithms that automatically understand the surrounding can lead to drone making its own way through automatic navigation decisions. Because of intelligent software drones may be able to follow the line located on the floor, recognize landmarks and signs to determine the turn on the crossing but also understand the environment in 3D what allows to avoid difficulties on a way. Companies are also dealing with tracking of human living and groups of people.

Most of commercial use of drones for security purposes are not made to fly indoors. The company called is developing an indoor security solution for home owners. This would allow drones to inspect unusual accidents happening inside. Company hopes to join the technology with locks, cameras, lights and other smart devices. plans to launch the drone service by the end of 2017. Place text here


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