Document Digitization

Digitization of document flows in your company

Design and implementation of solutions to reduce the share of paper documents in doing business

Effective solutions to streamline work in an organization and help reduce operating costs do not need to be expensive. One example of this approach can be found in document digitization (“going paperless”), replacing traditional paper documents with electronic versions. 

  • Do you want to be more client-friendly and innovative?
  • Do you wish to boost operational efficiency through automated processes and operations?
  • Do you want to be more cost-efficient?
  • Are you seeking to manage operational risk better? 
  • Are you implementing “the right to be forgotten” in accordance with GDPR?



reduction in business document flow possible for a medium-sized Polish bank, which translates into a real reduction of costs*

*PwC analysis

1 mln EUR

annual savings that can be gleaned from reducing document flow in various areas of business and administration*

*PwC analysis (actual savings depend on the real costs of paper documentation to an organization)

What kind of support you can count on in digitizing documents?

We take a comprehensive approach to digitizing document flow. You will receive integrated service allowing you to save time and to significantly reduce the amount of paper used. We can change your business together, plan the next steps, and choose the most appropriate suppliers.

As part of our primary (reducing document flow) and secondary (reducing the size of archives) document digitization services, we propose:

  • Building documentation matrix
  • Evaluating the potential for reducing paper document flow
  • Preparing an implementation strategy to sieze upon the identified potential
  • Regulatory advising
  • Project management

Within 8 weeks, you will receive business and legal recommendations regarding every relevant document type in your organization.


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