Corporate governance

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Develop and maintain effective governance

Dynamic regulatory landscapes, increasingly complex global business environments



In today's increasingly regulated environment, organisations are required to develop and maintain effective governance and compliance frameworks to assist them in meeting an array of legal and regulatory obligations. Recent surveys indicate that understanding and effectively implementing these requirements continue to be a key challenge for a majority of organisations.

Dynamic regulatory landscapes, increasingly complex global business environments and rapid technology change are just some of the factors which, in recent times, have been driving companies to increase the focus on their governance and compliance management programs.

PwC is the pre-eminent leader in the provision of innovative and practical governance and compliance services and thought leadership in Poland. We have extensive experience in helping organisations across a range of industries in designing, building and assessing the appropriate culture, processes, controls and tools for effective governance and compliance management.

We strongly believe organisations should focus on delivering sustainable compliance outcomes from business processes and behaviours rather than as an adjunct to day to day business activities. We can work with you to identify and assess your key governance and compliance risks, and integrate the management of these risks into your current processes. Our services include:

  • Corporate governance training and workshops for Boards and Committees
  • Corporate governance and compliance framework reviews
  • Design and implementation of governance and compliance structures and frameworks
  • Evaluations of internal controls and risk management frameworks for Boards and Committees.