Welcome to the era of drone-powered solutions

Valuable source of new revenue streams for telecoms operators

Drone technologies can play a key role in helping telecoms open up fresh sources of revenue to restart their growth

The total addressable market for drone powered business operations is valued at over $127 bn, according to PwC estimates. One of the industries, which can much benefit from drone solutions, is telecommunication, with the potential value at $6.3 bn. 

PwC experts name among others safer, more effective and more efficient management and optimization of telecoms infrastructure and the ability to tap into new revenues from a wide array of drone-related services and solutions.

We estimate that the largest slice of the addressable market value from deploying drone solutions in the telecoms industry derives from applications in maintenance, worth almost $6 bn. The combined addressable market value of drone services in asset inventory and network planning in the telecoms industry is close to $0.4 bn

Michał Mazur, partner and head of Drone Powered Solutions at PwC for Central and Eastern Europe

Drones will change the future of telecoms

A further high-potential service area for drones in telecoms is supporting increasingly automated inspection processes. There are a number of technologies that have transformative potential for the application of drone technology in the telecoms industry, and the foremost of these is machine learning. 

Thanks to the rapid expansion in computing power and ongoing miniaturization, credit card sized processors are now available that enable a new generation of smart, autonomous machines capable of learning and performing analytical work on-the-go. In the very near future, it’s likely that we will see drones conducting cell tower inspections without human intervention and providing real-time analytical reports, as well as delivering spare parts or even performing smaller repairs autonomously.

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