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State of Information Security Survey in Poland 2016

The ever-changing business environment requires organization leaders to take right decisions in order to ensure competitive advantages for their businesses.

But do the leaders remember that their position depends on their reputation, and the way they manage information security and their customers’ data protection? Download our latest report on the state of information security in Poland and see five tips, useful to keep in mind for the future.

Tip #1

”Take proportionate actions, or how doing the minimum is no longer enough”

The number of cyber threats is bound to continue to grow. However, according to the results of our survey, many companies tend not to tackle them with enough stamina. Focusing merely on compliance with statutory requirements, which are primarily about personal data protection, is simply not enough.

It is important to hire or outsource support from information security experts, and thus to change the current situation where one in every three companies has got only one single employee  responsible for information security.

Tip #3

”Get ready for something new”  

Cloud computing, Big Data, or the Internet of Things are worthy of special attention in the time to come. Globally, 59% of companies  already rely on the Big Data technology,. However, 67% of companies in Poland say that they do not plan to use it at all. Why would they not want to? These methods not only connect organizations to cybersecurity tools such as data analysts or advanced authentication, but they also monitor cyber threats and handle incidents.

Tip #5 

”Look for external support”

63% of companies in Poland say that they run their activities efficiently. On the other hand, as many as 35% of companies think otherwise. Sharing knowledge with other stakeholders increases the odds that companies will know how to prevent and address cyber threats. However, only 41% of companies trust external entities and sub-contractors.  Fear of using external sources can be effectively minimized by purchasing insurance policies against cyber threats. Globally, 59% of companies have already taken out such policies.

Tip #2

”Take a look at your closest environment first”

Prompt identification of sources of threats is a key factor to effectively avoid them. In 2015, 70% of companies reported that it was their employees who were the top source of cyber attacks. On this note, could we minimize the threat by raising employees’ awareness and emphasising the importance of training? It is important for companies to have strategies in place, but these basic activities are fundamental to the process.

Tip #4

”Engage the highest rungs”

It is evident that the role of the management board is fundamental to any company’s affairs. Its members are responsible for the company’s strategy and financial forecasts. And Polish companies increasingly (at the rate of 41%) are convinced that it should be the board’s role to directly finance information security programs. 

Increasing board’s engagement in cybersecurity matters boosts companies’ protection level against cyber attacks and enables companies to handle them with better efficiency. Still, over 30% of companies which we have surveyed are unaware of the areas in which their Information Security Director engages.

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