Startup Collider FAQ

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What is Startup Collider powered by PwC CEE?

Startup Collider is another innovative initiative by PwC CEE to nurture and promote the Central and Eastern European startups.., Startup Collider is a 12-week long acceleration program with 4 weekly sprints, here in Warsaw followed by 9-month long go-to-market phase. Side by side with startups, our highly qualified dedicated mentors will provide a shorter route to market that you could pursue your dream, in the fastest way possible, while sustaining startups’ needs – your work schedule is interrupted in the least invasive way and for the most of the acceleration time you operate ‘as usual’.

All that in an equity free program with many other perks.


Where Startup Collider takes place?

In a heart of Eastern Europe, beautiful city of Warsaw, Poland.


What is the program timeline?

10.12.2017 application period closes

15.01.2018 application results

29.01.2018 – 20.04.2018 – acceleration program

April 2018 – Demo Day


Who can apply?

Startups with product in market-ready phase, with proven product-market fit, focused on B2B.


What questions I have to answer in application form?

The application will be divided into 2 phases. Phase 1, initial, is just a basic form you need to fill to help us get to know and understand you and your solution better.

In the second phase, another form will be sent only to startups pre-qualified to Startup Collider where we will ask more detailed questions about your operations.

In general, the 1st phase form requires you to:

  • Describe your contact information,
  • Provide links to your social media (if applicable),
  • Select the type of your product or service,
  • Select your solution’s stage of development,
  • Describe any grants and incentives your solution/startup has been awarded (if applicable),
  • Tell us about your goals for the next 3 years,
  • Unique Selling Proposition,
  • Select your industry,
  • Present us your short elevator pitch.

We also expect you to answer us a couple of additional questions, such as:

  • How do you expect PwC in general and the Startup Collider in particular to help your company?
  • Why do you want to attend our program?
  • How did you hear about us?

You also have to provide us with slides of pitch deck (PDF format only).


In the 2nd phase, we will additionally ask pre-qualified startups to elaborate on, i.e.:

  • Shareholders,
  • Sales,
  • Market, competition, customers,
  • Strategy
  • IP rights.
  • You also have to provide us with max. 2 minutes video introducing the founders (longer videos will not be viewed)


Is the program free of charge?

Yes, it is. We do not take equity.


Are there any restrictions on team size?

The more – the better.

We would like the startups to delegate the most decisive staff to participate in the program, but we know it’s difficult. The attendance will be required for at least 1 representative from each startup, however we recommend to delegate at least 2 people.


Is Startup Collider a full time program?

Yes and no. Each cohort lasts for 12 months, where in the 12-week long acceleration phase we work with you remotely for most of the time – you will be required to be present in Warsaw for 4 weekly sprints only.

In the remaining 9 months of the Program – go-to-market phase, you will be required to travel when we develop a business case for you with potential client.

Within the whole Program’s duration, we will send you assignments and require your cooperation. We will also monitor your development and progress.


Can we attend without moving to Warsaw for the 4-weekly sprints?

No, you will have to be in Warsaw in person, 4 weeks in total (not consecutive weeks).


We haven’t set up company yet, can we apply?



We have already taken funding, can we still apply?



Do we have to have a company registered in Poland?


Contact us

Jolanta Kokosińska
Tel: +48 502 184 656

Beata Cichocka-Tylman
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Tel: +48 519 506 527

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