Startup Collider FAQ

What is Startup Collider powered by PwC CEE?

PwC Startup Collider is a B2B quick scaleup program based in Central-Eastern Europe with HQ in Warsaw, Poland, that helps innovative entrepreneurs succeed.

Side by side with startups, our highly qualified dedicated mentors will provide a shorter route to market that you could pursue your dream, in the fastest way possible, while sustaining startups’ needs – your work schedule is interrupted in the least invasive way and for the most of the time you operate ‘as usual’.

All that in an equity free program with many other perks.

Where Startup Collider takes place?

In a heart of Eastern Europe, beautiful city of Warsaw, Poland, but there is no need to relocate.

What is the program timeline?

  • 18th December 2019 – end of applications
  • January / February 2020 – analyses of applications and interviews with startups
  • Middle of March 2020 – announcement of participants of the 4th PwC Startup Collider cohort
  • March 2020 – the scale-up begins
  • June 2020 – mid-program checkpoint
  • September 2020 – Demo Day summarizing the 4th cohort & start of applications to the 5th edition of the PwC Startup Collider scale-up program

Who can apply?

Entrepreneurs from all over the world with a market-ready solution that wish to experience fast commercial growth and expand their business in the CEE region.

How the selection process looks like?

Selection process is divided into 4 phases, which are planned to happen in dates listed below:

  • 1st stage application form submitting by December 8th
  • 2nd stage application form submitting by December 20th
  • Applications deep review by PwC experts - January
  • Individual interviews with best 30 startups – February
  • Final announcement of startups accepted to the program is planned for the middle of March 2020

What information I have to provide in application form?

The application will be divided into 2 phases. Phase 1, initial, is just a basic form you need to fill to help us get to know and understand you and your solution better.

In the second phase, another form will be sent only to startups pre-qualified to Startup Collider where we will ask more detailed questions about your operations.

In general, the 1st phase form requires you to:

  • Describe your contact information,
  • Select the type of your product or service,
  • Select your solution’s stage of development,
  • Tell us about your goals for the next 3 years,
  • Market, competition, customers, team description,
  • Select your industry,

We also expect you to answer us a couple of additional questions, such as:

  • How do you expect PwC in general and the Startup Collider in particular to help your company?
  • How did you hear about us?
  • You also have to provide us with slides of pitch deck (PDF format only).

In the 2nd phase, we will additionally ask pre-qualified startups to elaborate on, i.e.:

  • Shareholders, funding,
  • Sales,
  • Business cases with client - examples
  • Team details,
  • Strategy
  • IP rights, patents, licenses, etc..
  • any grants and incentives your solution/startup has been awarded (if applicable),
  • Recommendations

You also have to provide us with max. 2 minutes video introducing the founders (longer videos will not be viewed)

Is the program free of charge?

Yes, it is. We do not take equity.

Are there any restrictions on team size?

The more – the better.

We would like the startups to delegate the most decisive staff to participate in the program, but we know it’s difficult.

Is Startup Collider a full time program?

No. Your work schedule is interrupted in the least invasive way and for the most of the time you operate ‘as usual’. We are able to work remotely, but some meetings requires your presence in person.

Can we attend without moving to Warsaw?

Yes, there is no need to relocate. But we expect to have meetings where your presence is required.

We haven’t set up company yet, can we apply?

No, because probably your stage of development does not meet our requirements.

We have already taken funding, can we still apply?


Do we have to have a company registered in Poland?


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Magdalena Kwoska

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