Startup Collider Demo Day 2019

October 16th, 09:30
MYSIA 3, Mysia 3 Street, Warsaw

Startup Collider is the program we dedicate to our Clients in order to increase the innovativeness of their enterprises.

We recruit startups in the annual cohorts, and collaboratively develop solutions for PwC Clients. In the 2018/2019 cohort of Startup Collider we accelerated the most inspiring and promising startups offering solutions in the areas such as:

● Big Data
● Data Analytics
● Customer Experience
● Artificial Intelligence
● Virtual Reality
● Digital Tax

During the acceleration process, we have not only validated our startups’ solutions, but also proved their business maturity, credibility and will to pursue new opportunities and challenges.

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Startup Collider Demo Day

We are honored to invite you to the conference, which will be a unique opportunity to meet Startup Collider’s startups in person, find out about their achievements and business proposition, which may help in evolving businesses to meet the requirements and demands of rapidly changing markets and their rules.


9:30-10:00 registration
10:00-10:30 the opening of the conference
10:30-11:30 Panel discussion "Startups and corporations - development opportunity or sad necessity?"
11:30-15:00 lunch and networking

The event is free of charge and will be held in Polish with simultaneous English translation.

Startups in the 2018/2019 edition of PwC Startup Collider:

  1. A startup specialized in job training utilizing Virtual Reality. Users can learn how to deal with daily responsibilities in a virtual world in a friendly way. They gain confidence in crisis situations, what improves their performance and prevents them from making mistakes under stress. Startup also offers a broad spectrum of other VR/AR-based services for a wide range of applications in industry.

  2. A system that helps in the recruitment process. By participating in a strategic game, candidates are tested in real situations the company faces. Their reactions are monitored and evaluated, therefore conclusions can be drawn regarding the behavior of the candidates in specific situations.

  3. A startup that created a unique tool for comparing retail prices allowing for dynamic competition tracking and pricing strategy analysis. The purpose of this activity is to increase market share as well as revenues and profits. Startup also deals with conducting online marketing campaigns.

  4. A startup offering financial institutions solutions targeted at young consumers in the online banking industry, including comprehensive R&D services and ready, easy to implement, custom and tailor-made digital and mobile solutions. Currently, they have created 4 applications that facilitate money transfers between family members and friends, personalize the investment offer based on customer spending history, and also educate.

  5. A startup developing products in the "Wealth Management" area: an automated advisor - "roboadvisor" and a new generation online investment platform. Both products offered are SaaS solutions for B2B. Thanks to the well-developed API, the integration of services with banks is not a problem.

  6. Startup representing the Omnichannel innovation area. The solution proposed by its founders - the comprehensive Analytics Suite, is a set of integrated products for measuring and optimizing marketing activities in full compliance with strict privacy policy regulations.

  7. Startup, which created business process automation software, based on Machine Learning algorithms for retail trade. The offered solution includes price optimization modules, as well as price management tools and advanced analytics.

  8. A startup specializing in the automation and analysis of tasks performed by marketers in social media, working both in agencies and directly in companies. Their product is based on artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that are able to measure, analyze and forecast performance, provide recommendations and offer benchmarks.

  9. Startup, which created a service management platform in the area of so-called Last Mile, using the latest developments in the field of AI, machine learning and mobile computers to automate processes.

  10. Startup responsible for creating the Digital Office Management system, i.e. a set of solutions supporting daily office work and functioning inside buildings. All applications included in the system are integrated in one ecosystem, which helps users improve office management and engage employees, thus improving their work experience.

  11. Startup, which created an intelligent sales assistant, using algorithms to automate customer service and CRM systems. The virtual assistant reads information from emails or text messages based on which is able to supplement records in CRM databases. The assistant can also create reminders regarding the need to take further steps (e.g. making a phone call to the client, or sending relevant documentation), as well as has many other functionalities supporting sales.

  12. Startup, which offers a solution enabling efficient management of dispersed workforce by using the task management system for employers and the community. Thanks to the system, the employer can issue an order to place the goods on shelves or to check the position of the goods.

  13. Startup, providing a system based on NFC and RFID technology, enabling efficient management and quality control at all links in the supply chain. The system is able to detect damage to the packaging or irregularities in transport (e.g. tilting, temperature). Based on the gathered data, it can precisely determine how, when and why the goods were damaged. The startup also offers a wide range of AR solutions aimed at improving the marketing potential of a product.

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